Effective referral system to be established from CC to Union Facility or directly to UHC with documentation at each level. The emergency & complicated cases will be referred from CC to UHC & in a few cases to Union facility where doctor is available. The existing referral system is to be strengthened by incorporating the case as an individual ID & will be referred to higher facility. This can be tracked and for this cooperation to be sought from MIS,DGHS. At the same time one Corner to be established at UHC to address the cases referred from CCs as priority otherwise they may be disappointed.


  1. CC staffs will be properly oriented about the referral system with their respective roles and responsibilities.
  2. Existing medicine and equipment list will be reviewed to response to the need to referral (e.g medicine supply to the diabetes and hypertension patients sent back as referral after confirmation of diagnosis)
  3. Engaged periodically with the referred facilities to discuss issues to make the referral effective and functioning.
Last Updated: 2019-05-06 00:01:20